Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Customer Story

Dear Evan HansenToday's customer story comes all the way from the "Golden State". That's right. I am talking about the great state of California. Mill Valley to be exact. A few days ago, I received a call from a customer who was coming into New York later this month and wanted to see a show while her and her family were here. Their choice? Why none other than the winner of the 2017 Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year.

That's right. I'm talking about Dear Evan Hansen. So anyway after finding out what she wanted to see I asked her how she heard about us? Well as it turns out, she heard about it from a friend who had used us in the past and highly recommended using us. Now that's what I call a loyal customer. In the end I got her four seats together in the Rear Mezzanine on the side. Now I know what you're thinking. Those can't be very god seats right? Wrong.

 Oh sure they not be in the first ten rows center of the Orchestra, but there also not bad either. After all the theatre only seats a thousand and nine people, which means all the seats are good. So there you have it folks. Another satisfied customer. Not so fast. Less than an hour later, she called back and ordered two more tickets for her daughter. Let's try that again shall we? Another satisfied customer. Will you be next? Until next time theatre fans.

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