Monday, November 06, 2006

Da Da Da Da Dum

GREY GARDENS, the newest musical to open on Broadway is quickly creating a new era of catch phrases.
The musical, is based on a film documentary that documents 6 weeks in the lives of Edith Bealle, and daughter Little Edie Bealle in their dilapidated East Hampton mansion Grey Gardens. If you don't recognize the names...I'll give you a little hint...They are the Aunt and Cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and were at one time the cream of society in East Hampton. Later to become well known for being outcasts living in a ruin of the former mansion with many cats.
The musical's first act takes you into a day in their life in their heyday when Little Edie was known as "The body beautiful Bealle" and pre-engaged to Joseph Patrick Kennedy. The second act follows mother and daughter 40 years later as they were filmed in the documentary.
Like the 80's "Wheres the Beef", theatre goers are quickly finding themselves repeating many of the funny lines from the show. As well the ushers at the theatre hand out with your program, buttons containing many of the catch phrases that Edie spouts throughout the show. "They can get you in East Hampton for wearing red shoes on a Thursday", "Jerry likes my corn" "Start a revolution" and "Da Da Da Da Dum" are just a few.
Hurry to see this fascinating new musical and witness the amazing performance from Christine Ebersole (who actually plays the mother in the first act, and daughter in the second act). But beware, as you may soon find yourself wondering around muttering Edie-isms as well.