Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hand To God at the Vaudeville Theatre In London

I saw Hand To God last year at the Booth Theater in New York City.  It has been playing in London at the Vaudeville Theatre since February 5, 2016 and will play through June 11, 2016.

I recall sitting in beautiful seats when I caught a preview performance of Hand To God and for the first 20 minutes or so of this show, I kept thinking to myself "is this really happening on stage right now".  In what is described as a "dark comedy" (dark to say the least in my opinion), the show has been described as "Avenue Q meets The Book of Mormon" by one critic or "kinda Sesame Street meets The Exorcist" by The New York Times.  Can you imagine?

Although I find it difficult to describe this very whacky comedy, I must say that after those first 20 minutes or so, even I started to relax and enjoy the craziness.  In any case let me try to explain it this way.

Hand To God is a comedy, written by Robert Askins that takes place in the very religious town of Cypress, Texas.  This incredibly dark comedy tells us about a shy teenager by the name of Jason and his bible school project- a puppet that goes by the name of Tyrone.  During the course of the show we witness Tyrone's "satan-like" behavior when offering his opinions on many subjects that include love, faith and everything in between.  Eventually, Tyrone takes over Jason's personality and problems and puts everyone in Jason's world under tremendous strain.

Right now the London production of Hand To God features Harry Melling, who is known to many as playing in the role of Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter films.

If you are thinking about seeing something different in London, then I can assure you that Hand To God will be a great choice.  Sometimes if we give ourselves the opportunity to experience something different, we end up really enjoying ourselves.

If you want to talk about obtaining Hand To God tickets in London, please consider calling the Broadway and London ticket experts at Applause-Tickets.  I think you'll be glad you did.

Cheers to the creators and London cast of Hand To God.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Audience Favorite The Bodyguard To Return To London This Summer

The Bodyguard TicketsThat's right theatre fans. The Bodyguard is coming back to London's West End. The show, which first premiered in December 2012, is set to begin previews at the Dominion Theatre on July 15.

Starring in the leading role of Rachel Marron is British recording star Beverley Knight, who previously played the role to critical acclaim from September 2013 thru June 2014.

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, The Bodyguard tells the story of former Secret Service agent Frank Farmer, who against his better wishes is hired to protect the talented but spoiled superstar Rachel Marron. Both of course expect to be the boss. What neither expects is to fall in love.

Featuring songs such as Saving All My Love For You, How Will I Know, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and the classic I Will Always Love You, The Bodyguard is a must see during your next trip to London.

By the way for those of you that are looking to purchase tickets to see The Bodyguard you are in luck. We sell it. In fact we sell every show in London. Who knew? Get your tickets to see The Bodyguard at the Dominion Theatre in London. You will love it. Until next time theatre fans.

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Did You Know That Hamilton on Broadway Isn't The Only Show That Commands High Prices?

I've been a licensed Broadway, Sports and Concert ticket broker for 39 years now and just when I think I've seen it all, it seems like I learn something new at the office every day.

Just today I offered a client fairly good seats for nearly $700.00 each.  After discussing different seating options with my client for quite some time, the client decided to spend about twice as much.  The tickets were for Jennifer Lopez's Concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

I can wholeheartedly tell you today that I did all I could do to help my client spend less for her tickets but it was all very simple.  The client wanted to see Jennifer Lopez for so long and for her it is a "lifetime event" really.  She said she'd spend less money on other things but she wanted to sit front and center for the concert.  I imagine this is what my wife went through in 2006 when she surprised me with tickets for four World Cup soccer games in Germany for my 50th birthday.  The tickets were expensive.  Actually my wife would never tell me how much she paid for my soccer match tickets but said they were indeed very pricey.  Although I don't know what she paid I truly believe it was a great "lifetime experience" and completely understand why some people spend lots of money on certain Broadway Shows, Sporting Events or Rock Concerts they purchase tickets for.

I own a ticket service for Broadway, Sports and Concerts called Applause-Tickets.  Although we always start by offering the least expensive "get in" type of seat, I can tell you that in the end, most people buy a "medium priced" ticket.  Still, some folks will spend considerably more money to get seats in the front center of a live entertainment event.  People buy what they can afford don't they?

I respectfully understand spending more money for certain ticketing events.  In New York, on Broadway right now, we are seeing people pay upwards of nearly $3000.00 for a choice seat for Broadway's newest hit show called Hamilton.  Of course most folks are paying $800.00 or so.

My client on Friday June 10, 2016 will be sitting in the first row center at the Axis Theater in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  She paid a good amount of money for these tickets but I know she'll be very happy.

If your plans include a visit to Broadway, London or anywhere around the world, I hope you'll consider a call to Applause-Tickets.  We'd love to hear f
rom you.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cinderella Returns to London's Palladium Theatre on December 9, 2016

If you're currently interested in making a trip to London in December of 2016 you may want to consider buying Cinderella tickets.  I just found out that Cinderella will be playing at the world famous Palladium Theatre in London's West End for a strictly limited engagement for 5 weeks only.  It will be the first time in 30 years.  This pantomime production will play from December 9, 2016 through January 15, 2017.  Qdos produces Cinderella as they are the worlds largest pantomime producer.

This production will feature an incredible all-star cast, gorgeous costumes and lavish scenery as we witness the fairy tale story moment when Cinderella trades in her old raggedy clothes for a beautiful Ball gown and we get to see her taken to the Prince's Ball.

If you need help in obtaining Cinderella tickets in London we'd love to hear from you.  Applause-Tickets is open 24/7 to assist you, your friends, relatives and colleagues with tickets for this show as well as over 40 other London ticketed events playing on a regular basis.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Should you have any questions about London Theatre please consider giving us a call.

Cheers and best wishes to the cast and creators of Cinderella''s upcoming London production.

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Dreamgirls To Open In The West End This Fall

I can't tell you how excited I am about this production. In fact I might just have to hop on a plane this Fall and check it out. Dreamgirls, which first premiered on the Great Way back in 1982, is set to begin previews at the Savoy Theatre in November 2016. Now believe it or not but this is the first time that the show has ever played in London. Thankfully it looks like this production is already off to a great start.

Leading the cast in the role of Effie White is television star Amber Riley (Glee, NBC's The Wiz). Not only that, but the show is being directed and choreographed by Tony winner Casey Nicholaw (Aladdin, The Book of Mormon, Something Rotten). Now do you see why I'm so excited? In fact I wouldn't  be surprised if this production transfers to Broadway following it's London run. Fingers crossed.

The show, which is based on Motown favorites The Supremes, James Brown, and Jackie Wilson, tells the story of a trio of talented singers from Chicago who become musical superstars. Featuring over thirty songs, including the hit song "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going", Dreamgirls is one of the greatest shows ever written for the musical theatre.

So, now that you know a little bit about the show's history, I'm guessing you are probably wondering how to get tickets right? Well do I have good news for you. We sell it. In fact tickets are on sale right now. As of now the show is only booking thru March 2017. However if the show is a success I would not be surprised if the show extends. Here's hoping it's a hit. Get your tickets to see Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre in London. Who knows? You might just see me there. Until next time theatre fans.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hamilton Tickets at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City- Latest Ticket Availability Update For This Week

This is a simple re-posting from the Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service Facebook page.

Just a Hamilton ticket update in New York City for Applause-Tickets clients, friends, relatives and colleagues. Right now we are seeing a break "downward" in prices for the next few days. If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining Hamilton tickets today thru Sunday this week please consider a call to us at 212-307-7050. Right now here's the inventory we can offer:
Wed April 27 @ 7pm we have access to 18 Hamilton tickets
Thurs April 28 @7pm we have access to 71 Hamilton tickets
Fri April 29 @ 8pm we have access to 123 Hamilton tickets
Sat April 30 @ 2pm we have access to 126 Hamilton tickets
Sat Apr 30 @ 8pm we have access to 162 Hamilton tickets
Enjoy the day theater fans.

Regards, Rich Gladstone
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An American In Paris Tickets in London Are On Sale Now-Performances Begin In March 2017

Dear Applause Ticket News Readers

I loved the New York City production of An American In Paris when I saw it on Broadway last year and till this day it is one of my favorite shows.  And I've seen many shows over the past year.

An American In Paris will begin playing in London in March 2017 and I'm writing this post to our company blog today to inform readers that if anyone you know is planning a trip to see some of the great theater in London's West End, I hope you'll consider seeing this show.

An American In Paris is a terrific story based on the 1951 motion picture which won an Academy Award for Best Picture.  The movie was brought to life on Broadway in 2015 and tells the wonderful story of a young American soldier by the name of Jerry Mulligan who has decided to try and become a painter, who meets and falls in love with a beautiful French girl named Lise, a dancer, in Paris as they both are looking for a new start after having experienced the effects of war.

On Broadway in 2015, An American in Paris took home 4 Tony Awards, one for the thrilling choreography by Tony Award winner Christopher Wheeldon.  Honestly after seeing a few hundred shows in my lifetime, I've never seen a musical with such beautifully staged choreography.  It's worth the price of admission alone.

The music is gorgeous and is written by George and Ira Gershwin, Broadway's incredible tag-team of yesteryear who wrote the incredible classics " An American In Paris", "They Can't Take That Away From Me", " I Got Rhythm", " The Man I Love" and so many others for this great show.

An American In Paris tickets playing in London in 2017 are on sale right now for performances from March 4 through September 30, 2017.  We hope you'll consider a call to the London ticket experts at Applause-Tickets.  We handle the ticketing in our office and can send them to you prior to the show quite easily.

Cheers to the London cast and to the creative team at An American In Paris.  I wish you great success playing in London.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guys And Dolls Tickets In London Are On Sale Through October 30, 2016

Guys and Dolls is one of my all-time favorite musical comedies.  I have seen the show many times over the years on Broadway.

Guys and Dolls is a very unique show.  It tells the very fun story of old-time New York City gamblers, gangsters and the nightclub scene at the time.  The characters are based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon.  For those of you that might be interested, Alfred Damon Runyon was a newspaperman-author that wrote several stories about the prohibition times and tied these characters to the happenings on Broadway, something he became quite fond of.  The characters he wrote about are "larger than life", something not usually seen on the stage in quite the same fashion.

In London, The Financial Times called this production of Guys and Dolls a "scintillating revival". The Guardian called the cast of gamblers, gangsters and nightclub singers "exhilarating". Sounds great right?

Broadway and television star Richard Kind plays the infamous role of small-time gambler Nathan Detroit and Samantha Spiro plays opposite him in the role of Miss Adelaide.  They're surrounded by an incredibly talented ensemble as well.  Music and Lyrics were written by Frank Loesser with a Book written by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows.  Guys and Dolls is directed by Gordon Greenberg and the show's choreography has been staged by Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta and Andrew Wright, who handled the choreography for Barnum and Singin' In The Rain.

Some of my favorite songs in Guys and Dolls are "Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat" and "Luck Be A Lady Tonight".  From the moment the show opens you will see that Guys and Dolls in London is one of the most thrilling old fashioned musical comedies you'll ever get a chance to see.

Right now Guys and Dolls tickets are available for its run at the Phoenix Theater in London by calling Applause-Tickets at 212-307-705- or 800-451-9930.  We're open 24/7 to help.

I sincerely hope you feel that this post was helpful to you and here's a listing of London's latest West End show offerings.  Cheers to the great theater playing in London.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunset Boulevard in London

Dear Friends of the London Theater

One of my favorite shows of all-time is Sunset Boulevard.  I originally saw the show in New York City many years ago but the show is now finishing what's left of a very limited 43 performance run at London's Coliseum Theater.

With Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a Book and Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton as well as the excellent ENO orchestra, excellent stirring melodies in the show's 3 hugely popular songs by the name of "Sunset Boulevard", "The Perfect Year" and "With One Look", this is a musical that aims to please in every way.

Tony Award winning Glenn Close stars in this great piece of London theater.  She plays Norma Desmond, an aging "silent-screen star" who lives in a fantasy world where she is planning for her own "career comeback".  As the story rolls along we witness Norma's tempestuous relationship with down on his luck screenwriter Joe Gillis.  Norma convinces Joe to help work on her "masterpiece", a new film that she truly believes will result in making her a popular movie star once again.  Joe is tempted by living in Norma's wealthy lifestyle and in some ways seduced by it all.  He becomes trapped in her world until another woman catches his eye.  Obviously something that will not sit well with Norma.

If you are considering purchasing Sunset Boulevard tickets in London, you've come to the right place. You can call my company Applause-Tickets in New York City at 212-307-7050 or 800-451-9930, we'll be glad to assist.

Cheers to Glenn Close and the entire cast and creative team of Sunset Boulevard.

I hope you enjoyed today's post on Sunset Boulevard in London.

Take care,
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Funny Girl Opens In London's West End After 50 Years- And It Sure Looks Like A Big Hit!

I've been posting blogs on the various Broadway Shows for months now but this article is one I've been most excited to write.  It's about Funny Girl in London.

Funny Girl has just opened at the Savoy Theater in London after transferring from The Menier Chocolate Factory which is a small 180 seat theater located in London's Off West End (kind of like our version of Off Broadway).  The production at the Savoy Theatre is being directed by Michael Mayer (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Spring Awakening) with Music and Lyrics by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill with a terrific Book by Isobel Lennart (there have been some revisions to the book by Broadway's Harvey Weinstein as well).  And right now both the public and critics are talking about how Funny Girl has been brought back to West End hit status after over 50 years.  Wow, how about that folks?

Funny Girl stars Sheridan Smith who plays the role of Fanny Brice, who has garnered rave reviews since the show's opening on April 20, 2016.  Domenik Maxwell of The Times in London said "you simply don't see star quality like this too often.  Not in the West End, not on Broadway, not anywhere...Smith is hilarious, Smith is glorious, Smith is touching.  So Streisand, Schmeisand".  He is referring to Barbara Streisand of course, who played the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway in 1963 and in the film a short time thereafter.  The show first played in London in 1963.

Although right now Funny Girl is scheduled to play a strictly limited engagement at the Savoy Theater in London through October 8, 2016, I think they'll most likely extend if ticket sales keep going up as they should in the days and weeks ahead.

The Funny Girl story tells of Fanny Brice who is a fantastic singer and comedic talent who rises from a Brooklyn music hall actress to Broadway fame and involves the often difficult relationship she has with gambler Nicky Arnstein.  All-time famous songs like "People" and "Don't Rain on my Parade" are just some of the great music in Funny Girl.

Many of my family and friends know that I have a deep affection for London Theatre as well as the entire city of London and have traveled there frequently over the past 20 years or so.  In fact, I first went to London just prior to my 40th birthday and in 2 weeks I turn 60 years old.  Time sure does fly doesn't it?  My wife loves the shopping and I love the theater so we drag each around around for a week at a time taking in as much theatre, shopping, dining and sightseeing as we can squeeze in.

I'm about to start planning our next trip to London to see Funny Girl and the revival of Sunset Boulevard, starring Glenn Close and have just noticed that Funny Girl is playing at a local theater in Beverly, Massachusets for a 2 week run in June 2016.  Who knows, maybe we'll get Funny Girl tickets to the production in Massachusets (we love our visits to the Boston area too) and in London.  How cool would that be?  Will it come to Broadway in 2017?  Stay tuned my friends.

If you or anyone you know needs help in obtaining Funny Girl tickets in London, my company Applause-Tickets is just a phone call away.  We have live inventory for Funny Girl tickets in London as well as every London theatre ticket for any show you may want to see.  You can call Applause's ticket service 24 hours daily, 7 days a week for Funny Girl tickets or the London West End Show of your choosing.

Cheers to the creators and cast of London's Funny Girl.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The 2016 Drama League Awards Nominations Are In

Dear Broadway Theatre Fans,

The 82nd annual Drama League Award nominations are officially in.  The Drama League Awards are the oldest theatrical awards in the United States.  The nominees and awards are chosen by audience members who are members of the Drama League.  The awards are given out for only 5 categories.

They are to recognize the Outstanding Musical, Outstanding Play, Outstanding Revival of a Play, Outstanding Revival of a Musical and for a Distinguished Performance award.  There are 50 nominees for the Distinguished Performance Award in 2016.

Of particular interest is that Broadway's big hit musical Hamilton, even though it was nominated for some of these awards in 2015 (when it played Off Broadway), will be allowed to win some Drama League Awards in 2016 as the Drama League believes that off Broadway shows that transfer to play on Broadway should be entitled to win awards in their newer, larger performance space.  And we all know that Broadway theaters are substantially larger venues than their much smaller Off Broadway venue counterparts.  Lin-Manuel Miranda, the star and creator of Hamilton and fellow cast mate Daveed Diggs were nominated last year and have been nominated in 2016 as well.

The Drama League Awards will be announced on Friday May 20, 2016.  I have an official list of the Drama League nominations below taken from the Drama League web site for accuracy.  Enjoy.

Rich Gladstone
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10 Out Of 12
By Anne Washburn
Directed by Les Waters
Soho Rep
Sarah Benson, Artistic Director; Cynthia Flowers, Executive Director; in association with John Adrian Selzer

By Danai Gurira
Directed by Liesl Tommy
John Golden Theatre
Stephen C. Byrd, Alia Jones-Harvey, Paula Marie Black, Carole Shorenstein Hays, Alani Lala Anthony, Michael Magers, Kenny Ozoude, Willette Klausner, Davelle, Dominion Pictures, Emanon Productions, FG Productions, The Forstalls, MA Theatricals, producers; in association with Randolph Sturrup; Associate Producer: Marvet Britto; first produced and presented by The Public Theatre: Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director; Patrick Willingham, Executive Director

The Father
By Florian Zeller
Translated by Christopher Hampton
Directed by Doug Hughes
Manhattan Theatre Club
Lynne Meadow, Artistic Director; Barry Grove, Executive Producer; By special arrangement with Theatre Royal Bath Productions

By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Evan Cabnet
Vineyard Theatre
Douglas Aibel and Sarah Stern, Artistic Directors; Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell, Executive Director

By Taylor Mac
Directed by Niegel Smith
Playwrights Horizons
Tim Sanford, Artistic Director; Leslie Marcus, Managing Director; Carol Fishman, General Manager

The Humans
By Stephen Karam
Directed by Joe Mantello
Helen Hayes Theatre
Scott Rudin, Barry Diller, Fox Theatricals, James L. Nederlander, Terry Allen Kramer, Roy Furman, Daryl Roth, Jon B. Platt, Eli Bush, Broadway Across America, Jack Lane, Barbara Whitman, Jay Alix & Una Jackman, Scott M. Delman, Sonia Friedman, Amanda Lipitz, Peter May, Stephanie P. McClelland, Lauren Stein, The Shubert Organization, and The Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director, Harold Wolpert, Managing Director, and Julia C. Levy, Executive Director), producers; Joey Parnes, Sue Wagner, John Johnson, executive producers

King Charles III
By Mike Bartlett
Directed by Rupert Goold
Music Box Theatre
Stuart Thompson, Sonia Friedman Productions, Almeida Theatre, Robert G. Bartner, Norman Tulchin, Lee Dean & Charles Diamond, Scott M. Delman, Ruth Hendel, Stephanie P. McClelland, Jon B. Platt, Scott Rudin, Richard Winkler, Zeilinger Productions, The Shubert Organization, producers

Marjorie Prime
By Jordan Harrison
Directed by Anne Kauffman
Playwrights Horizons
Tim Sanford, Artistic Director; Leslie Marcus, Managing Director; Carol Fishman, General Manager

The Royale
By Marco Ramirez
Directed by Rachel Chavkin
Lincoln Center Theater
Andrè Bishop, Producing Artistic Director; Adam Siegel, Managing Director; Hattie K. Jutagir, Executive Director of Development and Planning

Skeleton Crew
By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Atlantic Theater Company
Neil Pepe, Artistic Director; Jeffory Lawson, Managing Director

Awake and Sing!
By Clifford Odets
Directed by Stephen Brown-Fried
National Asian-American Theatre Company
Mia Katigbak, Artistic Producing Director; Peter Kim, Associate Producer

By David Harrower
Directed by Joe Mantello
Belasco Theatre
Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Roger Berlind, William Berlind, Scott M. Delman, Peter May, Jon B. Platt, Len Blavatnick, Tulchin Bartner Productions, Jay Alix & Una Jackman, Heni Koenigsberg, Stacey Mindich, Wendy Federman, producers; Joey Parnes, Sue Wagner, John Johnson, executive producers

Cloud Nine
By Caryl Churchill
Directed by James MacDonald
Atlantic Theater Company
Neil Pepe, Artistic Director; Jeffory Lawson, Managing Director

The Crucible
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Ivo van Hove
Walter Kerr Theatre  
Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Roger Berlind, William Berlind, Len Blavatnik, Roy Furman, Peter May, Jay Alix & Una Jackman, Scott M. Delman, Heni Koenigsberg, Daryl Roth, Jane Bergère, Sonia Friedman Productions, Ruth Hendel, JFL Theatricals, Stacey Mindich, Jon B. Platt, Megan Savage, Spring Sirkin, Tulchin Bartner Productions, producers; Joey Parnes, Sue Wagner, John Johnson, executive producers

The Gin Game
By D.L. Coburn
Directed by Leonard Foglia
Golden Theatre
Bob Boyett, Jon Bierman, Jamie deRoy, Eric Falkenstein, Wendy Federman, Roy Furman, Philip Geier, Ruth Hendel, Marianne Mills, Ostar, Ira Pittelman, Sanford Robertson, The Shubert Organization; in association with Loraine Boyle, Barbara Freitag, Carl Moellenberg, Ron Simons, producers  

Long Day’s Journey into Night
By Eugene O’Neill
Directed by Jonathan Kent
Roundabout Theatre Company
Todd Haimes, Artistic Director; Harold Wolpert, Managing Director; Julia C. Levy, Executive Director; in association with Ryan Murphy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Eric Tucker
Pearl Theatre Company (a co-production with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival)
Hal Brooks, Artistic Director (Pearl Theatre Company); Jess Burkle, Managing Director (Pearl Theatre Company); Davis McCallum, Artistic Director  (The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival); Kate Liberman, Managing Director (The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival)

Noises Off
By Michael Frayn
Directed by Jeremy Herrin
Roundabout Theatre Company
Todd Haimes, Artistic Director; Harold Wolpert, Managing Director; Julia C. Levy, Executive Director

Sense and Sensibility
By Jane Austen, adapted for the stage by Kate Hamill
Directed by Eric Tucker
Eric Tucker, Artistic Director; Andrus Nichols, Producing Director

A View from the Bridge
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Ivo van Hove
Lyceum Theatre
Scott Rudin, Lincoln Center Theater, Eli Bush. Robert G. Bartner, Roger Berlind, William Berlind, Roy Furman, Peter May, Amanda Lipitz, Stephanie P. McClelland, Jay Alix & Una Jackman, Scott M. Delman, Sonia Friedman, John Gore, Ruth Hendel, JFL Theatricals, Heni Koenigsberg, Jon B. Platt, Daryl Roth, Spring Sirkin, producers

American Psycho
Book by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik
Directed by Rupert Goold
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
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Bright Star
Music, Book and Story by Steve Martin
Music, Lyrics and Story by Edie Brickell
Directed by Walter Bobbie
Cort Theatre
Joey Parnes, Sue Wagner, John Johnson, Zebulon LLC, Jay Alix & Una Jackman, Len Blavatnik, James L. Nederlander, Carson & Joseph Gleberman, Balboa Park Productions, The Shubert Organization, Jamie deRoy/Catherine Adler/Cricket Jiranek; in association with Rodger Hess, A.C. Orange International, Broadway Across America, Sally Jacobs & Warren Baker, Diana DiMenna, Exeter Capital, Agnes Gund, True Loves Productions and The Old Globe, producers

Dear Evan Hansen
Book by Steven Levenson
Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Directed by Michael Greif
Second Stage Theatre
Carole Rothman, Artistic Director; Casey Reitz, Executive Director; in association with Stacey Mindich Productions

Music by César Alvarez with The Lisps
Lyrics and Book by César Alvarez
Directed by Sarah Benson
Soho Rep and Ars Nova
Soho Rep: Sarah Benson, Artistic Director; Cynthia Flowers, Executive Director; Ars Nova: Jason Eagan, Founding Artistic Director; Renee Blinkwolt, Managing Director; in association with Carole Shorenstein Hays

Book, Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Directed by Thomas Kail
Richard Rodgers Theatre
Jeffrey Seller, Sander Jacobs, Jill Furman, and The Public Theater (Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director; Patrick Willingham, Executive Director), producers

Book by Jenny Schwartz
Music by Todd Almond
Lyrics by Todd Almond and Jenny Schwartz
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll
Playwrights Horizons
Tim Sanford, Artistic Director; Leslie Marcus, Managing Director; Carol Fishman, General Manager

On Your Feet!
Book by Alexander Dinelaris
Featuring Music Produced and Recorded by Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine Directed by Jerry Mitchell
Marquis Theatre
James K. Nederlander, Estefan Enterprises, Inc., Berne Yuman, Roy Furman, Terry Allen Kramer, Catherine Adler, Caiola Productions, REG · Grove, IPN/Albert Nocciolino, Stewart F. Lane/Bonnie Comley, Pittsburgh CLO, Eva Price, Iris Smith, Broadway Across America, Larry Hirschhorn/Double Gemini Productions, Marc David Levine/Burnt Umber Productions, Stella La Rue/Lawrence S. Toppall, producers

School of Rock, The Musical
Book by Julian Fellowes
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Directed by Laurence Connor
Winter Garden Theatre
Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Really Useful Group, Warner Music Group & Access Industries, The Shubert Organization, and The Nederlander Organization, producers

Tuck Everlasting
Book by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle
Music by Chris Miller
Lyrics by Nathan Tysen
Directed by Casey Nicholaw
Broadhurst Theatre
Grove Entertainment, Arlene Scanlan & Michael Jackowitz, Howard & Janet Kagan, Jeffrey A. Sine, Broadway Across America, Samira Nanda, Matthew Blank, Laurie Glodowski/Susan Daniels, Joan Jhett Productions/Gabrielle Hannah & Marcy Feller, Patti Maurer/Bev Tannenbaum/Sunshine Productions/Karen Humphries Sallick, Warner/Chappell Music/Linda G. Scott, Late Life Love Productions/Alexis Fund, Fakston Productions/Kyle Fisher, Jack Thomas/Caduceus Productions, and Barry Brown, producers

Book by Jessie Nelson
Music and Lyrics by Sara Bareilles
Directed by Diane Paulus
Brooks Atkinson Theatre
Barry and Fran Weissler, Norton and Elayne Herrick, David I. Berley, Independent Presenters Network, A.C. Orange International, Peter May, Michael Roiff, Ken Schur, Marisa Sechrest, Jam Theatricals, I Theatrics, Benjamin Simpson & Joseph Longthorne/Shira Friedman, and American Repertory Theater, producers

The Color Purple
Book by Marsha Norman
Music and Lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray
Directed by John Doyle
Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre
Scott Sanders Productions, Roy Furman, Oprah Winfrey, David Babani, Rom Siracusa, Caiola Productions, James Fantaci, Ted Liebowitz, Stephanie P. McClelland, James L. Nederlander, Darren Bagert, Candy Spelling, Adam Zotovich, Eric Falkenstien/Morris Berchard, Just For Laughs Theatricals/Tanya Link Productions, Adam S. Gordon, Jam Theatricals, Kelsey Grammer, Independent Presenters Network, Carol Fineman, Sandy Block, producers

Dames at Sea
Book and Lyrics by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller
Music by Jim Wise
Directed by Randy Skinner
Helen Hayes Theatre
Infinity Theatre Company-Anna Roberts Ostroff & Alan Ostroff, Martin Platt and David Elliot, Patricia M. Roberts & Bert C. Roberts, Carl Berg, Louise H. Beard, Julie Boardman/Sarahbeth Grossman, Douglas & Steven Maine/Chris & Dawn Ellis, producers

Fiddler on the Roof
Book by Joseph Stein
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Bartlett Sher
Broadway Theatre
Jeffrey Richards, Jam Theatricals, Louise Gund, Jerry Frankel, Broadway Across America, Rebecca Gold, Stephanie P. McClelland, Barbara Freitag & Company/Catherine Schreiber & Company, Greenleaf Productions, Orin Wolf, Patty Baker, Caiola Productions, The Nederlander Organization, Gabrielle Palitz, Kit Seidel, TenTex Partners, Healy Theatricals, Edward M. Kaufman, Soffer/Namoff Entertainment, Clear Channel Spectacolor, Jessica Genick, Willl Trice, producers

She Loves Me
Book by Joe Masteroff
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Scott Ellis
Roundabout Theatre Company
Todd Haimes, Artistic Director; Harold Wolpert, Managing Director; Julia C. Levy, Executive Director

Spring Awakening
Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater
Music by Duncan Sheik
Directed by Michael Arden
Brooks Atkinson Theatre
Ken Davenport, Cody Lassen, Hunter Arnold, and Deaf West Theatre (Artistic Director David J. Kurs) with Carl Daikeler, Sandi Moran, Chockstone Pictures, Caiola Productions, H. Richard Hopper, Learytodd Productions, R&D Theatricals, Brian Cromwell Smith, Invisible Wall Productions, Monica Horan Rosenthal, producers

One winner is selected from this category.  The recipient can only receive this award once during his or her career.
Nina AriandaFool for Love
Annaleigh AshfordSylvia
Laura BenantiShe Loves Me
Reed BirneyThe Humans
Alex BrightmanSchool of Rock, The Musical
Danny BursteinFiddler on the Roof
Timothée ChalametProdigal Son
Kelley CurranThe Dingdong
Carmen CusackBright Star
Jeff DanielsBlackbird
Khris DavisThe Royale
Daveed DiggsHamilton
Georgia EngelJohn
Cynthia ErivoThe Color Purple
Jesse Tyler FergusonFully Committed
Lynda GravattSkeleton Crew
Michael C. Hall, Lazarus
Anne HathawayGrounded
Megan HiltyNoises Off
Jackie HoffmanOnce Upon a Mattress
Jayne HoudyshellThe Humans
Jennifer HudsonThe Color Purple
Marin IrelandIronbound
Andrew Keenan-BolgerTuck Everlasting
Leslie KritzerThe Robber Bridegroom
Jessica Lange, Long Day's Journey into Night
Judith LightThérèse Raquin
Zachary LeviShe Loves Me
Lin-Manuel MirandaHamilton
Jessie MuellerWaitress
Kristine NielsenHir
Lupita Nyong'oEclipsed
Sophie OkonedoThe Crucible
Annette O'TooleSouthern Comfort
Tim Pigott-SmithKing Charles III
Ben PlattDear Evan Hansen
Phylicia RashadHead of Passes
Sam Rockwell, Fool for Love
Thomas Jay Ryan10 Out of 12
Michael ShannonLong Day's Journey into Night
Jennifer SimardDisaster!
Lois Smith, Marjorie Prime and John
Mark StrongA View from the Bridge
Cicely TysonThe Gin Game
Michael UrieShows for Days
Ana Villafañe, On Your Feet!
Benjamin WalkerAmerican Psycho
Nicola WalkerA View from the Bridge
Ben WhishawThe Crucible
Michelle WilliamsBlackbird

The Drama League also wishes to acknowledge the previous recipients of the Distinguished Performance Award who appeared in New York productions this season.  As the Award can only be won once in a performer’s lifetime, they are ineligible this season.  Their exemplary work, however, is recognized and applauded.

James Earl Jones, The Gin Game
Patti LuPone, Shows For Days
Frank Langella, The Father
Mary-Louise Parker, Heisenberg
Mark Rylance, Nice Fish
Sam Waterston, The Tempest

The Drama League previously announced the 2016 Special Recognition Awards Recipients, as follows: Deaf West Theatre (David J. Kurs, Artistic Director), represented on Broadway this season with the lauded revival of Spring Awakening, will receive the Unique Contribution to the Theater Award; Tony®, Grammy®, and Pulitzer Prize winner Sheldon Harnick, currently represented on Broadway with hit revivals of Fiddler on the Roof and She Loves Me, will receive the Distinguished Achievement in Musical Theater Award; and Olivier® Award winner Ivo van Hove, director of this season’s productions of Antigone at BAM, Lazarus at NYTW, and the acclaimed Broadway revivals ofA View From the Bridge and The Crucible, will receive The Founders Award for Excellence in Directing.   ​
Distinguished Achievement in Musical Theatre 
Sheldon Harnick

Unique Contribution to the Theatre
Deaf West Theatre

Founders Award for Excellence in Directing
Ivo van Hove