Thursday, October 26, 2006

TO SCARE or NOT to SCARE...That is the Question

"Temper/Temper" is the contraversial number in Disney's new musical Mary Poppins that is getting all kinds of buzz as to whether it is appropriate or not for children. It couldn't possibly be any more appropriate. Lest we forget, most Disney entertainment is geared to teach us morals and lessons in life. Disney's umbrella flying icon of spiff/spoff has been teaching us all since we were wee high to be neat, respectful, well mannered and to love our family, and thankfully is here to begin with the next generation. The musical number begins after the children profess their anger at their Father and backlash at their Mother. Mary Poppins simply leaves the room and sweetly tells the Mother I will handle this. As they both leave the room, the childrens toys begin to come to life and grow to a larger than life size. They put the children on trial and tell them that children that behave in this manner disappear and never come back.Is it kind of dark, creepy, scary?...Yes, it supposed to be. Forget the "time outs", the next time your child thinks about saying I hate you, I am sure they will remember what happened to the Banks children. As little Michael Banks says, that Mary Poppins is tricky!

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