Sunday, July 31, 2011

Customer Story

April 3,2004. My first day at Applause. Over the seven and a half years I've seen a lot of shows. Some good. Some bad. I've also spoken to thousands of customers on the phone. Some good. Some bad. Just kidding. To be honest most of the calls we get are from some very nice people who just like us love and support the theatre. Anyway the reason for today's blog is to talk about a customer who called the other day. It was a typical day like any other. People calling looking for tickets to see The Book of Mormon and War Horse. This past week I received a call from a gentleman who was planning a trip to New York for him and his two daughters and was hoping to take in a few shows while they were here. Although he had to been to New York many times over the years this would be the first trip for his two girls. Since the trip was a graduation gift for his oldest daughter he really wanted to make it special. I asked him when he would be here and he said he was planning a 6 night stay during the second week of August. Since he wanted to take in at least four shows while they were here I told him he should have no problem squeezing them all in during his trip.

I asked him what they wanted to see and he told me that first on his list was Wicked because that was one his daughters really wanted to see. Now while Wicked remains Broadway's most popular show I told him it shouldn't be a problem as he was looking to go on a weekday performance. Sure enough I was able to get him excellent seats in the Front Mezzanine just a few seats off the aisle. One down. Three to go. Growing up in the 60's he asked me what I thought about Baby It's You. I told him it was a wonderful show but not a big seller like other new shows so I knew that I would be able to not only get them excellent seats but for below face value. Sure enough I was able to get him seats in Row A of the Front Mezzanine and for only one hundred dollars. Now that's what I call a deal. Staying with the 60's he decided on Hair which is a favorite of mine. Care to guess how much they cost? That;s right. One hundred dollars. Now for his fourth and final show he picked Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark. Now while it is not a favorite of mine I understand why people want to see it. Once again I was able to get him good seats for less than he was seeing anywhere else. So there you have it folks. Four shows. Four amazing prices. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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