Thursday, August 22, 2013

Customer Story

Today's customer story comes all the way from the great state of Illinois. What makes it so great you ask? Well for starters I was born in Illinois. Isn't that enough? I think so. Plus they were calling from Aurora which as we all know is the home of Wayne's World. You remember Wayne's World don't you? "It's Wayne's World. Wayne's World. Party Time. Excellent." Hard to believe that movie came out twenty-one years ago. Man do I feel old. But enough about me.

Two days ago I received a call from a travel agent who's client was planning a trip to New York in October and wanted to see a few shows while they were here. I take that back. They wanted to see four shows. Their choices were Matilda The Musical, Pippin, Rock of Ages and Betrayal starring Daniel Craig aka James Bond. Four good choices don't you think? So anyway now that I knew what they wanted to see I needed to find out when they wanted to go and more importantly how much they wanted to spend.

Now because Rock of Ages has been playing for almost five years I figured I would have no problem getting them seats. Not only that but at a lower rate. When all was said and done I was able to get them excellent seats in the Center Orchestra and at a price that was lower than they were expecting. One show down. Three to go. Now for both Matilda and Pippin I suggested they seat in the Front Mezzanine as you get a much better overall view as both shows have a lot of visual stuff going on not too mention big production numbers and extravagant sets and costumes.

Thankfully they took my advice and I was once again able to get very nice seats in the center section. Three shows down. One to go. Last but not least is Betrayal. Now while the show has yet to open it is already one of this season's hottest tickets. Luckily I was able to find them some seats in the Rear Mezzanine for the date they wanted. Rear Mezzanine you say? Isn't that a mile away? Not in this theatre. In fact the Rear Mezzanine in almost all of the Broadway theatres are still a great view. Who knew? So there you have it folks. Four great shows with great seats to boot. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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