Monday, December 30, 2013

Final Week To See Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark On Broadway

That's right theatre fans. You only have eight more chances to see the most expensive show in Broadway history. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The show which will play it's final performance on January 4  has been more scrutinized and written about then any show in recent memory will play it's final performance on January 4.Thanks Michael Riedel. Don't get me wrong. I actually like the guy. Oh sure you may not care for everything he has to say but the man says what's on his mind and tells the truth. How many other columnists do you know do that? Not too many my friends. When it closes the show which will have losses of up to sixty million dollars. As of now plans are to revamp the show and reopen it in Las Vegas in 2015. Good luck with that. Until next time Spidey fans.

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