Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway To Begin Previews On Broadway Next Month

That's right theatre fans. One of Broadway's most anticipated new shows is almost here. I am of course talking about Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. The show which is based on the 1994 Academy Award winning movie of the same name is set to begin previews at the St. James Theatre on March 11 with opening night set for April 10. Not only that but your favorite theatre blogger is going to see it. Now being in this business we get invited to all the shows and for the most part I do see most of them. However this is the one that I am really looking forward too. For starters I love the movie. Not only that but I am a huge Woody Allen fan. I mean who isn't? Well maybe except for Mia Farrow. Ba-dum-bump. Recently there has been speculation that the show may not be as successful as they once thought do to the recent allegations. The truth is Woody has been scrutinized for the better part of two decades yet his movies continue to make money and win awards. How about we wait to see if the show is any good or not before we decide on how well it will do? See you at the theatre.

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