Sunday, August 03, 2014

Charity Begins At Work Too

Many of us open our mailboxes each day and find various letters from charities asking us for donations. For myself and my family, we generally sit down once a month and simply write out a check for several organizations that are in need while paying our bills. It’s easy to do and makes you feel good at the same time too. In 1987 I co-founded my own ticket agency called Applause Theatre Service in New York City. We cater to the ticket needs of consumers, hotel concierge, corporations, tour operators and travel agencies all over the world.

About nine years ago I joined an industry trade organization called NATB, which stands for the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Although I joined NATB so that I could keep my little company aware of ongoing concerns in my industry, I was amazed at how much thought was being put into charitable efforts within this organization. For the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with this group of ticket brokers with a very important charitable effort.

It’s called NATB Gives Back. The program is the NATB’s way of having these ticket broker companies, staff and family members “give back” to the local communities that support our businesses. And what a great organization it is. In 2009 the NATB Gives Back launched it's first partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities. Since that time we have provided tickets to preseason games for both the New York Giants and New York Jets to hundreds of families thru this great program.

To all of our fellow ticket brokers who have contributed tickets, volunteer time at a Ronald McDonald House, served on one of our committees or made any kind of contribution to the NATB Gives Back Program, we are forever grateful to you. To those who might want to help us with these charitable efforts in the future, we would appreciate any ticket donations or volunteer time you might be able to give us in the days ahead. Every minute counts.

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