Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Disney's The Lion King Celebrates Milestone

Yes that's right. I'm actually writing a blog about a Disney show. Surprised huh? Now for those of you have read any of my many blogs over the years know that I am not the biggest Disney fan in the world. So why am I writing about them today you ask? Slow news day perhaps? Or maybe because despite what I think of them they have continued to be one of Broadway's biggest success stories. Which is what brings me to the reason for todays' blog. The Lion King which first premiered on The Great White Way back in November 1997 will celebrate it's 7,000th performance tonight at the Minskoff  Theatre on Broadway.

Now besides being only the fourth Broadway show in history to achieve that impressive feat it is also the only show in Broadway history to sell over a billion dollars in tickets since it opened. Not bad for a show based on a cartoon. Which by the way I actually saw. I'm just full of surprises today aren't I? Now for those of you who still haven't seen the show there is no better time than the present. And for those of you who can't make it all the way to New York to see it you are in luck. The show is currently on a National Tour thru June of next year. Get your tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway or at a theatre near you. Until next time theatre fans.

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