Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 Broadway New Year's Eve Schedule

Can you believe that another year has come and gone? It seems like only yesterday, that I was ringing in the New Year with my friends, and here we are about to say goodbye to another year. Like usual, no shows will be performing on New Year's Eve, except the Radio City Christmas Spectacular that will perform at both 11am and 2pm. On New Year's Day, eighteen shows will be playing, including recent Tony Award winners Ain't Too Proud, Hadestown, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Tootsie, which will sadly play it's final performance on January 5. Happy New Year Everyone!

Show TitleMon. Dec. 30Tue. Dec. 31Wed.
Jan. 2 
Jan. 3
Jan. 5
Jan. 5
Ain't Too Proud2pm7:30pm7pm2pm7pm2pm7:30pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Aladdin7pmDARK7pm2pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Beetlejuice8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Book of Mormon2pm7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
Chicago2:30pm, 8pm8pm8pm8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm2:30pm, 7pm
A Christmas Carol2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Come From Away7pm7pm2pm, 7pm2pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
David Byrne's American Utopia8pmDARK8pm8pm8pm5:30pm, 9pm3pm
Dear Evan Hansen7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Derren Brown: Secret7pm7pm7pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pmCLOSED
freestyle love supreme7pm, 10pmDARKDARK7pm7pm10pm7pm, 10pm7pm, 10pm
Frozen7pm7pm7pm1pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Grand Horizons7pm7pm2pm8pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm7pm
Hadestown8pm7pm2pm7pm2pm7:30pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Hamilton7pm7pm2pm7pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Harry Potter...2pm7:30pmDARK2pm7:30pm7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm
The Illusionists11am3pm8pm7pmDARK8pm3pm, 8pm11am, 3pm, 8pm11am, 3pm
The Inheritance7pmDARK1pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm1pm, 7pm1pm, 7pm
Jagged Little Pill1pm, 7pm7pm2pm7:30pm2pm7:30pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Lightning Thief2pm7pmDARK2pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
The Lion King7pm7pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Mean Girls7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Moulin Rouge!7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm7pm
My Name is Lucy BartonDARKDARKDARKDARKDARK2pm, 8pm3pm
Oklahoma!1pm7pm7pm1pm7pm1pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Phantom of the Opera2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pmDARK
Slava's Snowshow7pm7pm2pm7pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm6:30pm
Slave Play8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm7pm
A Soldier's Play8pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Sound Inside2pm7pm7pm2pm7pm2pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Tina8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
To Kill a Mockingbird7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm7pm
Tootsie7pm7:30pm2pm8pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Waitress2pm, 7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
West Side Story8pm7pm2pm8pm2pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm7pm
Wicked7pm7pm7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm7pm

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