Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tracy Letts new show The Minutes sets Broadway opening in 2022

Tracy Letts show “The Minutes” will return to Broadway in 2022. Mr. Letts is one of my favorite actors, who has done lots of things on television, the stage and in the movies, and who also received a 2008 Pulitzer Prize in the drama category for his play August: Osage County, will reopen his Broadway show at the renovated Cort Theatre in New York City. At this time the reopening date is set for March 15, 2022. The show originally began its Broadway preview run on February 25 of this year but didn’t officially reopen as Broadway is still on hiatus during the pandemic.

The show‘s producers are hoping to be able to sign the original cast members when the production returns. And what a cast it was including Armie Hammer, Jessie Mueller and Blair Brown.

The Minutes is a production of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre. Tracy Letts has written and stars in the show as well. The show tells the very interesting story of greed, ambition and devious behavior that really goes on behind the scenes of a local small towns city council meeting. It’s supposed to be a show that is both” electrically charged and sharply funny”. It runs about 90 minutes with no intermission. 

Although right now a few Broadway shows say they’re going to start on May 30 of 2021, that remains to be seen. I have a feeling that we will need a vaccine to take hold and then also allow some time for the traveling public to feel safe once again. 

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little post and will be writing regularly to keep people that love the Broadway Theatre like I do as informed as possible.

Stay well and stay safe.
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