Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Customer Story

This week's customer story comes all the way from the great state of Tennessee. Earlier in the week I received a call from a very nice lady who was looking for tickets for the end of the year. I asked her what she wanted to see and she told me that there were three shows that her and her family were hoping to see during their visit. Her first choice was the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

I told her that since she was going after Christmas that not only would I be able to get her great seats but probably at a lower rate as well. So after taking care of her first show I asked her what she wanted to see next. She told me that although she needed five tickets for the Christmas Spectacular she would only need three tickets for the other two shows since the men were going to a basketball game instead.

I asked her if she needed any suggestions on what to see and she said that Promises,Promises was at the top of her list but needed help on picking the other show. I told her that although Promises,Promises was a very popular show I should be able to get her some very nice seats for that one as well. So now that show number two was set it was time to move on to her third and final show. Can you guess what I suggested? Why In The Heights of course.

Surprised aren't you?Now before you think I pushed the show on her because it is a favorite of mine you would be right. However a friend of hers had seen the show when it came to Orlando this past Spring and suggested she see it during her trip to New York. Since she had spent a little more to get a better seat for Promises,Promises she was hoping to see In The Heights for a lower price.

Having seen the show I told her that since the theatre is very small she should sit in the Rear Mezzanine as the price is lower and she would still have a very good view. Well she loved that. So there you are folks. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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