Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spider-Man:Turn Off The Dark To Begin Previews Today

The wait is finally over. After years and years of delays everyone's favorite superhero is about to take the Great White Way by storm. O.K. I might be over exaggerating a little bit. It hasn't been delayed that long. It just feels like it. The show which was originally supposed to begin previews on November 14 is one of this season's most highly anticipated new shows as well as one of it's most controversial. The press has been having a field day with the show for months now and I expect that to continue in the coming weeks. Will the show surprise us all and become a hit?The truth is even if the show were to receive rave reviews it would still have to sell at full capacity for five years straight to make back it's investment. Look I for one hope it succeeds. Maybe if it does it will encourage more mainstream musicians like Bono and The Edge to try their luck on Broadway. Or the show will bomb so bad that not only will it scare away those types it will also show that millions of dollars and fancy acrobatics will not guarantee a hit or lots of awards come Tony time. We shall see. Can't wait for the reviews. Until next time.

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