Friday, March 11, 2011

Applause Theatre Service And Tickets To Wicked

Don't tell me you still haven't seen Wicked yet.What are you waiting for people? It's only Broadway's most popular show after all. Not to mention one of the highest grossing shows in cities around the world. Now unlike most fans of the show I have only seen it once and that was over seven years ago. Guess it's time to see it again.

Most people tend to forget that the show did not get the greatest reviews when it first opened. Yet here we are still talking about the show all these years later. Who says critic's can't be wrong every once in awhile? In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Wicked one day surpasses Phantom as the longest running show in Broadway history. That's if Phantom ever closes. Oh sure it's got a long way to go but if any show has a chance it's this one.

Now I'm sure you're thinking with all this talk of how popular Wicked is you can't get tickets. On the contrary. In fact good seats are available as we speak. Need tickets for a Saturday night? No problem. How about tickets for Easter weekend? It's a snap. Just give one of the friendly ticket experts at Applause a call and we wil take care of the rest. It's as simple as that. Get your tickets to see Wicked on Broadway or at a city near you. You will love it.

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