Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Customer Story

That's right theatre fans. It's time for our customer story of the week. This week's customer story comes all the way from the great state of Illinois. Chicago to be exact. It's funny but in the eighteen years that I lived in Illinois I only visited Chicago once. Anyway enough about me. This past Thursday I received a call from a travel agent whose client was planning a trip to London next month and wanted to see a couple of shows while there were there. I asked him what they wanted to see and his two choices were The Mousetrap and hopefully a show at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

I told him that while The Mousetrap was still very popular it shouldn't be a problem as it has been playing in the West End for over fifty years. That made him laugh. After securing some excellent seats in the Stalls (Orchestra) I set out to see what was playing at the Globe the following day. Why it was none other than the Danish prince himself Hamlet. After a little research I was able to get him two seats in the Middle Gallery. Which by the way is the best view in that theatre. Well suffice to say the client was very happy. Not only that but the agent said that he would use us again when his client visits New York in the fall. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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