Friday, September 28, 2012

Now Is The Best Time To Come To New York And See A Show

Looking for something to do during your visit to the Big Apple? Well of course you want to see a show right? How does a big Broadway musical sound to you? Or maybe you want tickets to see reigning Super Bowl champs the New York Giants or my favorite team the New York Knicks. Just because the title of my blog says "See A Show" doesn't mean you can't see anything else. We do offer other things besides theatre you know. Not only do we sell tickets to all events in the New York City area but we sell most of them for below face value. That means that you can get tickets for some of your favorites for less than ever before. Who doesn't love a bargain? I know I sure do. Oh sure you may not be able to see Wicked or The Book of Mormon for those kind of prices but there are other shows out there you know. Don't forget Off-Broadway. Believe it or not but Off-Broadway has been a major force on the New York theatre scene for fifty or more years. Where else could you see something as unique like Blue Man Group or Stomp but Off-Broadway. Yes I know both shows have been playing at theaters around the world for years but you know what I mean. The thing is whether it's uptown or downtown there is always something to see. That's what makes New York City great.There truly is something for everybody. LIVE THEATRE. There is nothing like it.

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