Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Customer Story

Today's customer story comes all the way from our neighbors up North. Yes I am talking of course about Canada. Winnipeg to be exact. Earlier this month I received a call from a very nice gentleman who was planning a trip to New York with his wife and wanted to see a show while they were here. He told me that not only do they visit New York several times a year but they also drive here every time they come. Good way to save some money I guess. Plus they also told me that by staying at a hotel away from Times Square they usually end up getting a better rate and are still in walking distance from everything. As a matter of fact when he came to pick up the tickets from me on Sunday he told me he had just went for a jog that morning in Central Park. Now I walk along Central Park pretty much every day on my way to work but jogging? I don't think so. To each his own I guess. After giving him his tickets he asked if I could suggest something else for him to see. Since he was already seeing Jersey Boys he asked if there was a play that I could suggest. After going thru the list he settled on Of Mice and Men starring James Franco and Chris O'Dowd. Once again I was able to get him excellent seats at an "Insider Rate". After completing the sale I asked if he and as his wife needed any restaurant recommendations while they were here and of course being a regular visitor to our fair city he had everything planned out. I wish everyone was like that. So there you have it folks. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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