Tuesday, May 13, 2014

See Tony Winner Idina Menzel In If/Then For Less With Applause Theatre Service

Or should I say Adele Dazeem? O.K. I promise. That is the last time I will joke about that. In this blog at least. If/Then which is believe it or not the only original musical this season opened at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on March 30 where it received mixed reviews. They loved her. The show? Not so much. Oh well. They can't all be raves right? Regardless of what the critic's had to say If/Then is still selling like crazy with the show grossing over a million dollars a week at the box office. What can I say? People love them some Idina Menzel. Now for those of you who still haven't seen it there is no better time than right now and at prices that can't be beat. Be advised that while this "Special Offer" is good thru July 6 it is only good for Tuesday-Thursday performances and as always subject to availability. Get your tickets to see Tony nominee Idina Menzel in If/Then at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. Until next time theatre fans.

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