Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jason Alexander to Take on Lead Role in Fish in the Dark! (Cue Bassline)

Seinfeld-lovers rejoice! Comic genius Larry David has decided to extend his smash play Fish in the Dark for another six weeks! This means six more weeks of hilarity and laugh-out-loud entertainment! However, starting June 9th, Mr. David will be replaced by veteran actor Jason Alexander. Jason Alexander is not only known but adored for his role as George Constanza on Seinfeld. 

Fish in the Dark is a play written and created by Larry David. It focuses on 15 characters and the hilarity that ensues among them after there is a death in the family. Leave it to Larry David to take a somber idea and turn it into a piece that generates laughs here and there.

Now as a die-hard Seinfeld fan, I am absolutely ecstatic about the addition of Jason Alexander in the play's cast! Now, don't worry, Larry David is still very much active in this play. He wrote it! I think Mr. Costanmean Mr. Alexander and Mr. David will have a wonderful chemistry working on this play together. Working together on Seinfeld, they both developed the character of George Costanza to such an extent that he was outrageously entertaining while embodying Larry David himself. Lately, I've been yearning ("Do you ever yearn, George?") to see such a character that is perfectly neurotic and hysteric. I'm eager to see if Mr. Alexander will channel some of that character in this play. However, one can't dwell on the past and if he decides to bring something new to the table, then I welcome it. I'm confident that the pairing of Larry David and Jason Alexander will lead to a more than memorable performance. 

The show also has other impressive cast members including Rita Wilson, Jayne Houdyshell, and Ben Shenkman. The show plays at the Cort Theatre. Now, you can still catch Mr. David on the stage for this play. He will be performing from now to June 7th. Mr. Alexander will begin his run in Fish in the Dark starting June 9th until July 19; the play's closing show. Here at Applause, you can purchase tickets for Fish in the Dark starring Larry David or Jason Alexander. We will have tickets for the show til July 19th. Call now so you don't miss out on one of the must-see plays of the spring!

'Til next time theatre lovers and Seinfeld lovers!

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