Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Heidi Chronicles Premieres on Broadway Tonight!

The Heidi Chronicles opens today on Broadway and there’s quite a few reasons to be excited. For those not aware, this is actually a revival of the 1989 Tony-winning play that aired off-Broadway. Even back then, it made quite a commotion; as it addressed the social journey of women throughout the previous 20-30 years and their ever-flourishing niche in society. Told through the story of a young woman’s life, The Heidi Chronicles challenged the social constraints put on women by a long history of male-focused culture.

It’s made a big comeback into the theatre-loving community; premiering on the Great White Way with a phenomenal cast! In her latest stage role, Elisabeth Moss plays the lead Heidi Holland; a driven, independent young woman in the 1960s who wants to live happily without the sacrifices and restraints that women faced then. I want to focus on Elisabeth Moss for a bit because I think she is a magnificent choice to play Heidi. If you don't know, Elisabeth Moss is known for her role on the smash television show Mad Men; in which she plays a—you guessed it— strong, independent, young woman. Even in her other roles, it is apparent that she has a knack for playing such bold and confident women. I think Elisabeth Moss and The Heidi Chronicles make such a great pairing and that this show will be quite an experience.

The Heidi Chronicles also stars Jason Biggs and Bryce Pinkham and premieres tonight at the Music Box Theatre. The Heidi Chronicles is just one of many of the new, exciting shows coming out this Spring. Tickets are available here at Applause. So call now! 

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