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Hamilton Tickets, The Broadway Show That Doesn't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

I've been a licensed ticket broker for Broadway Shows in New York City for over 39 years now and although we've had many shows that were extremely popular from time to time- shows like The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Jersey Boys, The Book of Mormon, The Producers and lots of others for sure, I must say that although I thoroughly enjoyed this new sensation, I cannot figure out why Hamilton is selling at incredibly high prices like it enjoys right now.  Sure its a great show but after all, it's still just another very solid, well put together Broadway production.  It really defies logically reasoning indeed.  Should the public pay up to 5 times or more for 1 ticket to a Broadway show?

Hamilton is brought to us by the same creative team as In The Heights, the Tony Award winning musical of 2008.  I loved that show every bit as much as I enjoyed Hamilton.  Hamilton is a really creative musical about Alexander Hamilton, the unlikely "founding father" who's determined to climb the ladder of success as high as he can get.  Hamilton tells the audience of his early days from bastard orphan to becoming George Washington's closest ally as well as going from a rebel to war hero to loving husband that gets caught in the country's first sex scandal.  He later becomes the head of the Treasury who managed to get the American people to believe in a real "economy". He was the epitome of a master politician for sure, an immigrant who changed the country.

The star of the show is Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the Lyrics, Music and Book of Hamilton.  He is a young playwright, has solid acting chops and natural musical genius who also has had numerous appearances on television as well over the past several years.

Although I saw the show in previews last July 2015 and paid 100.00 for a ticket, I cannot understand why the public is spending 4-5 times as much per ticket from what I paid just a  short time ago.  Other than pure "supply and demand".  The theater is the Richard Rodgers Theater on 46th Street in New York City and has 1319 seats.  Actually this is the answer folks.  It's  really one of the smaller musical houses on Broadway and the demand to see Hamilton is great at the moment.

That brings me to the subject matter of this post today "Hamilton Tickets don't have to cost an arm and a leg.  The ticket industry loves when it gets a show like Hamilton that is constantly "sold out" every performance.  That allows the producers to raise the prices of the tickets.  But one of the things my company does is to help prospective Hamilton ticket buyers to obtain "more reasonably priced" Hamilton tickets.  How do we do this?  We have access to look at just about every available Hamilton ticket for any date over the next year or so (actually thru January 31, 2017).  So when a client calls Applause-Tickets in New York City at 212-307-7050, we have a look at all the ticket companies that are holding inventory for Hamilton.  We then ask the client the date or dates they might be able to attend then we shop the request with any number of ticket agencies, come up with several seating and pricing options and offer them to our client.

Many clients will not pay upwards of $450-1800.00 to score a ticket for Hamilton.  Who can blame them?  Especially when they can enjoy 2, sometimes 3 shows for the price of 1 Hamilton ticket.  Later this year, the first "road company" of Hamilton will begin playing in Chicago.  Other road companies will be born soon after that.  It will be opening in London soon as well.  As time goes on, eventually ticket buyers will be able to obtain Hamilton tickets or simply decide to see other exciting Broadway shows.  After all, that "supply and demand" principle I mentioned earlier is exactly what will be responsible for the show becoming "easier to obtain" eventually.

For those of you that might be somewhat "flexible", if you contact us, we will search all the inventory available and come back to you with the most "reasonably priced" Hamilton tickets that are available in the secondary market.  Applause's prices are the most reasonable.  Simply shop around and you'll see.  There's only one way to check, consider a call to us.  We've been helping make memories for Broadway ticket buyers for over 28 years now.  Not bad right?

We'd love to help you obtain reasonably priced Hamilton tickets, whether it's for a date soon in the future or somewhere further down the road.   Applause-Tickets can be reached 24/7 in New York City at 212-307-7050 or have a look at our web site at

Thanks for considering using to consider purchasing Hamilton tickets or any other Broadway show.

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