Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Shrek" heads to Broadway and turns Stage Actor into an Ogre!

It's not easy being green! Actor Brian d'Arcy James figures it took him about 2 hours and 15 minutes to make his first transformation into the title character Shrek in "Shrek:The Musical". Below are your First Pictures of this amazing transformation!

The clock is ticking. Shrek begins a pre-Broadway run Thursday at 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle and officially opens there Sept. 10. Based on William Steig's children's book Shrek! and the first of the three DreamWorks animated films it inspired, the production then moves to New York to the Broadway Theatre to begin previews Nov. 8 in preparation for a Dec. 14 opening.

"Usually, my job is to give a sense of theatricality, not necessarily to copy" an adapted character's original traits to a T, Hatley, makeup artist of Shrek says. "But Shrek is so known and loved that we realized we were fighting a losing battle."For comfort, Shrek's costume was fashioned with "head vents and channels to allow sweat to drip out." The front of the costume "pops away," so that during a short break, James "can get air to his chest quickly. And we cut hundreds of holes in the padding to allow air to go through, like Swiss cheese."
With no bathroom break except for intermission, when James can get out of his suit entirely, he has to drink with discretion. "There's no escape route in it, if you will," he says.
"Ogres have very large bladders, but I'm definitely going to be mindful of my coffee intake."

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