Monday, December 05, 2011

Final Weeks For Broadway's Billy Elliot

That's right theatre fans. You've only got five more weeks to see one of Broadway's most beloved shows. Billy Elliot which won ten 2009 Tony Awards including Best Musical of the Year will play it's final performance at the Imperial Theatre on January 8, 2012. When it closes it will have played a total of 40 previews and 1,304 regular performances. Believe it or not but when the show first opened I didn't want to see it. I had never seen the movie and quite frankly it just didn't seem like my top of show. Maybe it was too British for my tastes or maybe a story about a make ballet dancer just didn't sound like something that would interest me. Either way I avoided the show. That was until a few months ago.

Being in the industry that I am we often get invited to all the shows. Now mind you that is for the newer shows. Not ones that have been playing for almost three years. Anyway we were invited again as the show had made some recent changes in order to make the show a little more family friendly. Well long story short I loved the show. Of course wouldn't you know it but they announced the show would be closing a couple of weeks later. Just when I finally found a great show to recommend to people they decided to up and close. Oh well. I guess I will have to suggest something else. Any suggestions? Get your tickets to see Billy Elliot on Broadway. Time is running out.

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