Monday, December 19, 2011

Orchestra vs Front Mezzanine

That's right theatre fans. It's time for the great debate. Where is the best place to sit when seeing a Broadway show? Having been in the ticket selling business for over a decade now I have sold tickets to people from all walks of life. From travel agents to regular people who are coming to New York to experience the magic that is live theatre. Now when I first started at Applause the most popular show on Broadway was Wicked. Here we are eight years later and guess what show is Broadway's biggest seller? That's right. Still Wicked. Yes I know The Book of Mormon is hot but as far as ticket sales go Wicked remains number one. Of course being one of the biggest theatres on the Great White Way certainly helps. Now in all the years that I have been going to the theatre my favorite place to sit is the Front Mezzanine. Even for plays. Oh sure for a musical the Mezzanine would be the best place as you get a much better overall view. Plus you are elevated. I can't tell you how many people call and say " I only sit in the Orchestra" or " I will only sit in the first ten rows". Well what people seem to forget that in most Broadway theatres the first twelve to fifteen rows are all on the same level.

Therefore if you want to spend two or three hundred dollars to see the back of someones head then be my guest. Now having said that there are occasions when I do like to be in the Orchestra. One of my first shows was Death and the Maiden. There I was sitting five rows away from three of my favorite actor's. Glenn Close, Gene Hackman, and Richard Dreyfuss. Now that is a trio. There is just something so thrilling about being so close to the actor's. Plus it really makes you feel like you are part of the show. Who doesn't love that? Now when I finally got around to seeing Jersey Boys a few years ago guess where I was sitting? The Mezzanine of course. However it wasn't the Front Mezzanine. It was the Rear Mezzanine. Not only that but it was the very last row on the extreme side. Guess how much of the show I missed? Not one second. See even Rear Mezzanine can be good. Plus the prices are lower than an Orchestra or Front Mezzanine seat. Even better right? So the next time you are shopping for tickets just remember it doesn't matter whether you are in the first row of the Orchestra or the last row of the Mezzanine. There is nothing in the world like seeing a Broadway show. It is an experiences that you will never forget.

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