Monday, October 22, 2012

Broadway's Mamma Mia Celebrates Anniversary

Hard to believe theatre fans but its been eleven year's since Mamma Mia first opened on the Great White Way. Know what else is hard to believe? I've never seen it. In fact in the twenty years that I have lived here I have never stepped foot inside  the Winter Garden Theatre. I avoided Cats and so far I have managed to avoid Mamma Mia as well. Look I'm sure the show is good. It wouldn't have lasted all these years if people weren't enjoying it right? It's just not my cup of tea I guess. Besides who cares what I think. I'm pretty sure that Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus aren't losing any sleep over the fact that I haven't seen their show.

And yes I had to google their names. I thought I would be nice and give them a little credit as opposed to referring to them as the "Two Guys From ABBA". Now for those of you who still haven't seen the show you have come to the right place. Although at this point there can't be many people out there who haven't. Myself included of course. Good seats are now available for all performances. Not only that but at prices that can't be beat. Be advised that while this "Insider Price" is good thru December 23 it is not good for Friday November 23 and subject to availability. Get your tickets to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. It may not be my favorite show but it just might be yours. Until next time theatre fans.

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