Sunday, November 11, 2012

Annie Is A Hit

That’s right theatre fans. Annie is back and she is taking Broadway by storm. The show which first premiered back in 1977 triumphantly returned to the Great White Way last week to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. To be honest after the poorly received 1997 production I wasn’t expecting much from this one. Yet there I sat three weeks ago in the Rear Orchestra of the Palace Theatre with a big smile on my face from ear to ear. Who would have thought a precocious redheaded firecracker like Annie could do that? I sure didn’t. And it looks like the reviews have made a difference as there was a line out the door the day the reviews came out. Looks like Annie is here to stay folks. Now on to the reviews.  Enjoy!

The New York Times

NY Magazine

Entertainment Weekly

New York Post

New York Daily News

New York Newsday

The Hollywood Reporter

The Washington Post

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