Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Customer Story

Today’s customer story comes all the way from the Lone Star State. Yes my friends I am talking about Texas. Houston to be exact. Earlier today I received a call from a customer who had used us last year for the first time and was so pleased with our service that she decided to use us again. Don’t you just love customers like that? I know I do. Anyway this time she and her husband were coming to New York with another couple and wanted to see two shows while they were here. Their two choices were Dead Accounts and Golden Boy.  Two shows that I am dying to see by the way. Now because both shows were still in previews I knew that I knew that not only would I be able to get them excellent seats but for below cost. Well she loved that. When all was said and done I was able to get them excellent seats for both shows. Plus I was able to find them some excellent restaurants to check out as well. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service, Inc.
311 West 43rd Street
Suite 1105
New York,NY 10036
212-307-7050 or 1-800451-9930
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