Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tickets To The Winslow Boy On Broadway

The Winslow Boy on Broadway? What the devil is that? Well as it turns out The Winslow Boys is an old Terrance Rattigan play that was first produced back in 1946. This new production which is being produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company is set to open this fall at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway and will star Tony winner Roger Rees and Tony nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Well at least it has a good cast. Now since I know nothing about the show I have decided to include a synopsis of the show for those like me who don't know what the show is about.

"A moving exploration of family devotion, The Winslow Boy," according to Roundabout, "beautifully illustrates the costs of unconditional love and the rewards that make the effort priceless." That might be the shortest synopsis that I have ever posted. Hopefully it will be enough to make you want to see it. As of now preview dates and an opening night  have not been announced but make sure to check back here in the coming weeks and we should know when and when tickets will go on sale. Get your tickets to see The Winslow Boy on Broadway. Until next time theatre fans.

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