Friday, July 26, 2013

Customer Story

Todays' customer story comes all the way from our neighbors up North. That's right. I am talking about Canada. Calgary, Alberta to be exact. Yesterday afternoon I spoke to a very nice gentleman on Boldchat who was planning a trip with his family to New York in September and wanted to see a few shows while they were here. Wait a minute. What the devil is Boldchat? Well in case you aren't familiar with it Boldchat is a great service that allows us to speak to our customers online while we are open. Not only can you get info about all the shows and events that we offer but you can also order tickets thru the service as well. How great is that? So anyway after finding out when he would be here I needed to find out what they wanted to see.

Their choices were Newsies, Let It Be and Kinky Boots which just won the Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year. Three great choices but three very different shows. Now since he was only going to be here for a few days he left it up to me to choose what day had the best seats. Plus he was looking for Premium seats for every show. Now for those of you that aren't familiar with that those are tickets that are usually located in the first eight to ten rows in the Center Orchestra as well as the first couple of rows in the Front Mezzanine. Oh sure they are more expensive than the other seats but if you want the best than you have to pay for it. Am I right? Because Newsies has been playing for awhile I knew I would have no problem getting him great seats. No too mention all five seats together. Oh I guess I forgot to mention that he needed five tickets didn't I?

When all was said and done I was able to get him and his whole family excellent seats in the third row center of the Orchestra. One show down. Two to go. Now for Kinky Boots they knew that it might be a little more difficult than the other two since it just won the Tony Award. They were right. In fact all the Premium tickets were sold out. They did however have some seats in the Front Mezzanine. Was it in the middle? No. In fact it was a little off to the side. Doesn't mean it's not a good view. Plus because they sat upstairs they price was lower and they still get what I think are still good seats. One more show to go. Last but not least is Let It Be which is case you haven't heard is about this little back from England called the Beatles. You've heard of them right? Of course you have. Once again I was able to get them great seats in the Center Orchestra. So there you have it folks. Three great shows with excellent seats to boot. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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