Monday, March 14, 2016

Hamilton Tickets in New York CIty

Here are a few of the critics "snippets" of their reviews of the mega-hit Broadway Show called Hamilton on Broadway.  Have a look for yourself and see what they're saying. In all my 39 years in the Broadway Show ticket sales business, I've never seen a show with nearly the demand as Hamilton tickets in New York has.  Never, not even a close second for sure.


“HISTORIC. HAMILTON IS BREWING UP A REVOLUTION. This is a show that aims impossibly high and hits its target. It's probably not possible to top the adrenaline rush.” -BEN BRANTLEY, THE NEW YORK TIMES

HAMILTON is one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had in the theater. Bold, rousing, sexy, tear-jerking and historically respectful — the sort of production that asks you to think afresh about your country and your life.” —David Brooks, The New York Times

HAMILTON is the most exciting and significant musical of the decade. Sensationally potent and theatrically vital, it is plugged straight into the wall socket of contemporary music. This show makes me feel hopeful for the future of musical theater.” —Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

Sensational! In order to dislike it you’d pretty much have to dislike the American experiment. A beautiful and moving musical.” New York Magazine

“A groundbreaking, one-for-the-ages tale of one of America's founding fathers. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s HAMILTON is an amazing, thrillingly multi-layered new musical.” Entertainment Weekly
If you need assistance with obtaining Hamilton tickets, you can call Applause-Tickets, 24/7 at 800-451-9930 or 212-307-7050 right here in New York City.

Cheers and good luck to Hamilton on Broadway at this years Tony Awards show of 2016.

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