Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spamilton Reviews

*SPAMILTON*Now I know what you're thinking. That has to be a typo right? Surely I meant to say Hamilton and not Spamilton. No theatre fans. It is not a mistake. There actually is a show called Spamilton.

Well actually the full name of the show is Spamilton, An American Parody. Now it makes sense right? The show, which is written by Forbidden Broadway creator Gerard Alessandrini, began performances at the Triad Theatre on July 19.

The Hamilton parody show was originally scheduled to play for only eighteen performances. However demand for the show was so great that it has been extended until October 30. Here's hoping it extends again. Now on to the reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter


The New York Times

TimeOut NY


Pretty good reviews don't you think? In fact, Hamilton creator and Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda saw the show and loved it. Maybe you will too. Get your tickets to see Spamilton at the Triad Theatre. It is a must see. Until next time theatre fans.

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