Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Broadway Christmas Schedule

Image result for happy holidays logoLast week I posted the upcoming Thanksgiving Broadway schedule. Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. Before you know it Christmas will be here too.

Now normally only a handful of shows perform on Mondays. However because Christmas falls on a Monday this year, there will be more shows to choose from this holiday season. Here is a list of these shows.

The Band's Visit


A Bronx Tale


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Come From Away

Home For The Holidays

Kinky Boots

Miss Saigon

The Phantom Of The Opera

School of Rock



To view Broadway's Thanksgiving week performance schedule (November 20–26), click here.
SHOWSun. Dec. 24Mon. Dec. 25Tue. Dec. 26Wed. Dec. 27Thu. Dec. 28Fri. Dec. 29Sat. Dec. 30
Aladdin1pm, 6:30pmDARK7pm1p, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 8pm
Anastasia2pmDARK2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
The Band's Visit3pm7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Beautiful2pm, 7pm7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
The Book of Mormon2pm, 7pmDARK2pm, 7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
A Bronx Tale3pm7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Cats2pm, 7pm8pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory1pm, 6:30pm7pm7pm2pm,/i>, 8pm,/b>7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Chicago2:30pm, 7pm8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm2:30pm, 8pm
The Children2pmDARK7pm2pm, 7pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Come From Away3pm7pm2pm, 7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Dear Evan Hansen3pmDARK8pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Farinelli and the King3pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Hamilton3pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Hello, Dolly!2pmDARK2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Home for the Holidays1pm, 5pm7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
John Lithgow: Stories by Heart3pmDARK8pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Junk3pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Kinky Boots3pm8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Latin History for Morons3pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
The Lion King1pm, 6:30pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
M. Butterfly3pmDARK7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Meteor Shower3pmDARK2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Miss Saigon4pm8pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Once on This Island3pm, 7:30pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
The Parisian Woman3pmDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
The Phantom of the OperaDARK8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm
The Play That Goes Wrong2pmDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2p, 8pm2pm, 8pm
School of Rock2pm, 7pm7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
SpongeBob SquarePants3pm, 6:30pmDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm
Springsteen on BroadwayDARKDARK8pm8pm8pm8pm8pm
Waitress2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 7pm8pm2pm, 8pm
Wicked2pm, 7pm8pm8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm

Which one will you see? Oh and did I mention that we sell all of these shows? Well we do. Also don't forget that Applause is open seven days a week. 365 days a year. That means we are here to help with all of your ticket needs. Until next time theater fans.

Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service, Inc.
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Suite 902
New York, NY 10019
or 1-800-451-9930
Facebook:Applause Theater and Entertainment Service

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