Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Farnsworth Invention on Broadway-Applause Has Amazing Seats

If you want to see a show that might win the Tony Award for Best Play in 2008, you need to get yourself a ticket to see The Farnsworth Invention in New York City. The show stars Hank Azaria and Jimmi Simpson and is directed by Des McAnuff.

The year is 1929 and 2 brilliant men spend years competing against one another trying to invent the device we now call "television". Although the men work a great distance from one another, thousands of miles away in fact, they know that each of them can't take a moment's rest or the other one will create the invention first.

On one hand we have David Sarnoff, the top corporate man at RCA and the other man is Philo Farnsworth, a farm boy from Idaho who was a genius in science as a young boy in high school. The question is, who will be able to create the clearest picture on the telivision screen first?

The show was brilliantly researched by Aaron Sorkin, one of my favorite television writers from The West Wing as well as writing A Few Good Men for Broadway and the big screen as well. He may have taken a few liberties with his facts when writing this play but he certainly made it interesting. I normally only see non musicals once but can't wait to return to see The Farnsworth Invention again very soon.

I don't remember being on the edge of my seat in the theatre for a very long time. Decide for yourself who really was the true inventor of television? Was it Sarnoff or Farnsworth? Both of these men desperately believed in the future of this amazing technological device.

Go see this great piece of modern day theatre on Broadway now. Call Applause, The Broadway Ticket Experts today at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930 or check out the web site at

Rich Gladstone

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