Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Phantom Of The Opera - Applause Has Amazing Seats

the phantom of the operaThe Phantom Of The Opera is the longest running show in the history of Broadway. My partner Bill and I started our ticket company Applause Theatre Service at the same time this show started playing in New York over 19 years ago.

The show currently stars Jennifer Hope Wills as Christine Daae and Howard McGillin as The Phantom. Christine is the young singer in the Paris Opera House who is taken with a mysterious person who lurks in the opera house, heard but not seen at first.

The musical was based on a story from Gaston Leroux's novel and shows several accidents that have been happening to performers in the Paris Opera. Because of these unexplained occurances, the diva of the Opera House named Carlotta decides not to perform. The young girl with a beautiful voice, Christine Daae takes her place and with great success.

At Christine's opening night she meets her childhood friend Raoul and while alone in her dressing room the same night, she meets the Phantom as well. He was the one who taught her to sing so beautifully. The Phantom takes Christine to his secluded hideaway beneath the Opera House and tells her how much he loves her. She then learns his horrible secret and flees to the roof of the Opera House where both Raoul and The Phantom fight for Christine's love.

After 19 years, this show still pleases everyone we sell tickets to. If you want amazing seats at amazing prices ask for the special insider's discount pricing on weekday's. You get great seats and save a bundle of money too.

Call Applause Theatre Service at 212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930 or buy tickets at our award winning web site . Remember our motto, Applause has "real people you can trust, helping you get the best seats to the best shows at the best prices". Satisfaction guaranteed.

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