Thursday, May 22, 2008

Broadway Tickets By Phone-Applause Theatre Service Goes Mobile

Got an iPhone or a Blackberry handheld phone? Need Broadway Show tickets? Or how about special event tickets like the Super Bowl, Radio City's Christmas Spectacular, the US Open Tennis tournament, or any other event performing around the country? In the past you may have heard about Applause Theatre Service, a long time industry veteran selling tickets of admission for all the shows on Broadway.

Applause Theatre Service in New York City, an expert ticket provider in offering every major Broadway and Off Broadway show to consumers, hotel concierge, tour operators and travel agencies worldwide, is proud to announce its entry into the mobile web site arena. They have just launched a brand new web site which can be found at Broadway Tickets By Phone.

The new site has been created especially for the thousands of Applause's devoted customers and fans and has been designed so that cell phone users will have fast, simple and easy to use access to anything they are interested in on Broadway. In a few seconds you can simply type in the web site address and immediately see our local or toll free phone number in New York City. Then maybe give us a quick call if you are on the run but need to buy some tickets or even if you just want to talk about what's playing on Broadway.

According to Applause's Vice President Rich Gladstone, "allowing consumers access to any kind of travel and entertainment and ticketing information on their handheld, especially up to date listings on live entertainment happening on Broadway and events all over the country is a natural for the mobile cell user". Gladstone further went on to say "we have been providing a personal Broadway ticket service for over 31 years now and every year or so there seems to be some new device or new software that comes out meant to further enhance the lives of people. It is truly amazing that nearly a million Internet shoppers find out about our personal Broadway ticket service from around the world every year. Then they click on our web site or find us in one of their search engines, give us a call and begin a relationship with Applause. There may be hundreds of companies selling tickets but we are confident that if shoppers can find out about Applause, than we can make them a believer in our service. They not make a purchase the first time we talk with the shopper. They may shop around and talk to a dozen other ticket providers and that's OK with us. We are confident that we are truly the local Broadway Show expert. In the end, we don't expect nor do we want to be a really big ticket company. We're just a bunch of real people helping consumers get the best tickets for the best shows at the best prices".

The new web site Broadway Tickets By Phone is a perfect brand name for our new web site. In the coming days, Applause Theatre Service will be making little changes to the new mobile friendly web site. The changes according to Gladstone "all have to do with the customer service experience. We anticipate that cell phone users will really enjoy the Broadway Tickets By Phone site. It has lots of good, clean information on everything happening on Broadway but in a tastefully but somewhat scaled down version. It will be very easy to use for the mobile phone user. If anyone has suggestions as to any improvements we can make to bring Broadway ticketing and Broadway news to cell phone users, please give us a call in New York at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930. Or if you have a minute simply email Rich Gladstone at .

Broadway Tickets By Phone. Could buying tickets for Broadway get any cooler than it is?

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