Wednesday, May 21, 2008

South Pacific, In The Heights and Boeing Boeing on Broadway-Are these shows the "triple threat" of Broadway

I think I just made up a new tag line in the Broadway Show business called "triple threat". Call me crazy but after seeing nearly 30 shows this year on Broadway, I do indeed have my favorites. My friends all know that mostly I like just about everything I get to see.

Truth be told, my vote for the Rich Gladstone "triple threat" of Broadway Show Awards goes to
South Pacific, which I think will win this years Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. It's a very cute story about American soldiers on a Polynesian island in World War Two. Buy yourself some tickets to this grand old fashioned piece of Broadway musical theatre. You'll thank me for it, believe me you will. In fact, call me at the office at 212-307-7050 or email me at to drop me a line about what you think.

If you want to see one of the most incredible pieces of modern day theatre, you should consider buying some seats for In The Heights, my choice to win the coveted Tony Award for the 2008 Best Musical. In The Heights is a great new show that came up from Off Broadway last year about the wonderfully warm people that live in Washington Heights in New York City. The story is told through very fun and clean Rap and Latin music by the locals that live there. You get to know the local bodega owner who sells the coffee and candy from his store as well as the local car service and the people that work there. Wait till you get to meet the gals at the local "beauty parlor", a real treat for sure. it's not your old fashioned musical but it is a jaunt into something truly original in the theatre that doesn't come along all that often. My friend and co-worker Jay says it is his favorite show now in addition to RENT. I wonder if its his love of modern music that he feels this way.

How about seeing this year's comedy revival called Boeing Boeing, a very funny and wacky look at an American bachelor living in Paris as he wines and dines 3 beautiful girlfriends, all working for different airlines. Hoping they don't find out about each other, he creates the perfect playboy lifestyle. Bradley Whitford of the West Wing television series and Christine Baranski star. Will the bachelor keep it all together or will he have to deal with flight delays and other things beyond his control that will make it hard to keep the girlfriends from finding out about each other? The gorgeous and talented girls are worth the price of admission but honestly, dollar for dollar, this is the best value on Broadway. As the Beach Boys always sang, "fun,fun,fun". Go get yourself some tickets for Boeing Boeing. Let me know how you enjoyed it. I am planning on going back again soon.

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We hope you love the theatre as much as we do. And my friends, we hope to hear from you very soon. Let us help you see some outstanding Broadway theater.

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