Friday, June 25, 2010

Broadway As I See It

Having lived in New York City for over eighteen years I can honestly say that I have seen and done it all. Well not everything. I still haven't seen the Statue of Liberty. At least not up close anyway. Now like most people I came to the big city to pursue a career in the theatre. I know. Just like everybody else right? Anyway in all the years that I have been here I have seen hundreds of shows both On and Off-Broadway. Some good. Some bad. Although every once in a while I love me a good old fashioned Broadway flop. Believe it or not but some of the best songs in the last twenty or thirty years have come from shows that flopped. Here are just a few shows with short runs on the Great White Way that featured some memorable songs.

Passing Strange
Side Show
The Goodbye Girl
A Class Act
Merrily We Roll Along
Mack and Mabel
The Life
The Baker's Wife
9 to 5
Urban Cowboy
and of course soon to be biggest flop in Broadway history.......drum roll please...........


O.K. I know it hasn't officially opened yet but according to Broadway insiders the show would have to run at 100% capacity for 5 years straight to make it's money back. Look stranger things have happened but I just don't see it. Maybe I'm wrong. Previews are set to begin this fall at the Hilton Theatre.

What will be Broadway's next big hit? Well since I don't own a crystal ball I really couldn't tell you. Let the games begin. Until next time theatre fans.

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