Monday, June 07, 2010

New Block Of Seats For Come Fly Away Now On Sale

I have to tell you for a show that got mediocre reviews and very few Tony nods Come Fly Away has defied the critics and is steadily become one of this season's biggest success stories. As of today tickets are now on sale thru February 11, 2011 with no end in sight.Now as I mentioned even the show did not get the best reviews from the critics it is still doing very well at the box office with most weeks selling over $800,000 in tickets.

I guess the critics don't know everything now do they?Anyway as I mentioned a new block of tickets just went on sale and good seats are available for all performances. By the way the Marquis Theatre which houses Come Fly Away is not a big theatre so whether your in the first ten rows or the last few rows upstairs all seats are a full view. How many theatres can say that? Get your tickets to see Come Fly Away on Broadway. Dancing on Broadway will never be the same again.

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