Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Five People you Should Buy Broadway Tickets for This Year

Broadway Tickets are a great gift for anyone. has some ideas on who should receive the gift of Broadway this year.

Give the Gift of Broadway Tickets
Birthdays. Bat Mitzvahs. Thank Yous. I’m Sorrys. I love yous. Just because. All of these are reasons to give gifts. Choosing an occasion isn’t the hard part of giving gifts. Choosing the right gift is the hard part. Applause Tickets believes that everyone should give the gift of Broadway tickets this year. Going to a Broadway show is an experience unlike any other on earth. You simply can’t go wrong when you give someone tickets to a show – it’s an evening they will never forget.

Now that you have the occasion and the gift in mind, it’s time to start figuring out whom to give Broadway tickets to this year. Here are some ideas:
  1. Your mother. Yes, it’s an obvious choice but whom better to give something so special to than the woman who loves you more than anyone else on earth? Nothing says “Thank you for everything” like a couple of tickets to Promises Promises or Driving Miss Daisy.
  2. Your employee. Buying gifts for employees can be tough. You don’t want to be too personal or too generic. That’s why the gift of Broadway tickets is a perfect compromise. If you don’t know them well enough to buy tickets to a specific show, get them an Applause Tickets gift card!
  3. Your hairdresser. It might seem overly generous to give the gift of Broadway tickets to your hairdresser but we don’t think so at all. Your hairdresser works hard every 6 to 8 weeks to make you look your absolute best. Don’t they deserve the best as well?
  4. Your best friend. Your best friend is probably one of those people who are always thinking of the best, most original gifts to give to their friends. It’s time to give them something that is just as thoughtful and original this year – Broadway tickets. If you get them two tickets, they might even take you with them!
  5. Your boyfriend. He might not seem like the most obvious choice as a chosen recipient for Broadway tickets as most men scorn all things theatre. Use this opportunity to enlighten him on just how incredible Broadway can be – when you choose the right show. 

Now you’re ready to give the gifts of Broadway tickets. If you need help picking out the perfect show for your chosen recipient, call one of the experts at Applause Tickets today – or buy an Applause Tickets gift card so they can go to any show of their choosing.

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