Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Scottsboro Boys And Bloody,Bloody Andrew Jackson To Close In The Coming Weeks

Really? Two of this season's most acclaimed new musicals can't even last more than a couple of months? What is this business coming too? Now while I did not get the chance to see The Scottsboro Boys I did see Bloody,Bloody Andrew Jackson. I enjoyed it. Do I think it would have played better in a smaller house Off-Broadway? You bet. The thing is in you never can tell how a show is going to do these days. I take that back. If a show has a star than it is a pretty safe bet it will do well at the box office. That is unless your name is Brendan Fraser. Now before you go getting on my case I enjoyed Elling and I think that Mr. Fraser is a very underrated actor. The show just wasn't popular with the critics or theatregoers. It happens. The Scottsboro Boys is set to close on December 12 with Bloody,Bloody Andrew Jackson playing it's final performance on January 2, 2011. That makes a total of fourteen shows closing during the month of January. Yes I know that happens every year. Doesn't make it any less sad. Until next time theatre fans.

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