Thursday, October 20, 2011

Avenue Q Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Three anniversary's in one week? That has got to be some kind of record theatre fans. Earlier this week Mamma Mia celebrated ten years on the Great White Way while yesterday marked the second anniversary of Tony winner Memphis. Tomorrow fellow Tony winner Avenue Q will celebrate it's second anniversary Off-Broadway. The show which won the Tony Award for Best Musical of the Year in 2004 first opened on Broadway at the Golden Theatre in August 2003 where it played until September 13, 2009 making it the 21st longest running show in Broadway history. Not bad for a show about a bunch of puppets living in New York City. Most people forget that the show actually started Off-Broadway before moving to uptown. Not only that but that it beat the all and powerful Wicked for that year's top prize. Yes I know all you Wicked fans will never forget that. I just like to remind you from time to time. No harm in that right? Now for those of you who still haven't seen Avenue Q there is no better time than right now. Good seats are available for all performances and at some incredible savings. Get your tickets to see Avenue Q. You will laugh your a** off. I know I did.

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