Monday, October 17, 2011

Mamma Mia To Celebrate Anniversary

October 18, 2001. Anyone know what happened on that date? Well based on the title of my blog it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. That's right theatre fans. That is the day that the world wide sensation know as Mamma Mia opened on the Great White Way. The show which first premiered in London two years earlier had finally made it's way across the pond the previous month and was now set to take Broadway by storm. The only question is would American audiences be as enthusiastic as the rest of the world. Well considering that it we are still talking about the show ten years later would mean the answer to that is a resounding yes. Now believe it or not but I have never seen the show.

In fact in all the years that I have lived here I have never been inside the Wintergarden Theatre. That's right. I even managed to avoid Cats my first seven years here as well. Trust me. That wasn't too hard. Now for those of you ABBA fans who still haven't seen the show and by now I find it hard there is any of you left that haven't I have some good news. It is now possible to see your favorite musical for below face value. That's right. I said below face value. Let's face it in this day and age a bargain like this is hard to come by my friends. Might as well take advantage when you can. This "Special Offer" is good thru November 23 so don't delay. Get your tickets to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. Millions of ABBA fan's can' t be wrong. Until next time theatre fans.

Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service
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Suite 1105
New York,NY 10036
212-307-7050 or 1-800-451-9930
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