Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Call Applause When You Need Tickets Your Favorite Sport

That's right sports fans. Applause sells tickets to all of your favorite teams and events. I myself am a huge New York Knicks fan and can't wait until the season starts. October 25 can not come soon enough. Until then I will continue to follow the Mets. Believe it or not but until a few months ago I never really followed baseball. Then a co-worker of mine who is a huge Mets fan got me hooked. I even went to a game recently. Of course the promise of seeing REO Speedwagon play after the game was reason enough. Even though they lost the thrill of being at Citi Field for the first time is something that I will never forget. I can't wait to go again.  Besides basketball and baseball my other favorite sport is professional wrestling. Yes I know it's fake. Who doesn't? It's still entertaining as hell. Coming up in just a couple of weeks is SummerSlam. Now since I can't go out to Los Angeles to see it I will have to settle watching on the big screen at the local neighborhood bar. At least there is no cover charge. Coming up on the horizon is football and once again it looks like the Giants will be a contender. Dare I say back to back Super Bowl Champs? I know. I know. Don't jinx it. So there you have it folks. Call Applause now when you want tickets to see New York's favorite team or any team or event Nationwide. It's what we do. Until next time sports fans.

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