Friday, August 17, 2012

Now Is The Best Time To Come To New York And See A Show

Planning a trip to the Big Apple in the near future? Well have I have got news for you. Now is the best time to come to New York and see a show. Did you know that there are currently twenty-two shows running on Broadway as we speak with thirteen more set to open betwen now and the end of the year. Oh and don't forget Off-Broadway home to over twenty shows as well. That's what makes theatre in New York so exciting. So much variety. In the twenty plus years that I have lived in New York I have probably seen over one hundred and fifty shows. Now in all of them I usually found something I liked. Although I'm also the type of person who loves bad theatre. There's nothing like a great train wreck. I know. I'm weird. Regardless of the show there is nothing in the world like live theatre. That feeling of sitting in a theatre with a bunch of strangers waiting for the magic to begin. Come to New York and experience it for yourself. Until next time theatre fans.

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