Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tickets To Machinal On Broadway

Let me just start off by saying I have never heard of this play. I don't even think that I can pronounce it. All I know is that Machinal is being produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company and will begin performances at the American Airlines Theatre on December 20 and will open on January 14. Now for those of you like me who know nothing about the job here is a brief description about the play from the show's website.

Inspired by the infamous 1927 murder trial of Ruth Snyder, Machinal is a gripping drama by American journalist and playwright Sophie Treadwell. It's America's Golden Age, a time of happiness, freedom and prosperity - or is it? For the Young Woman (Rebecca Hall), a stenographer in the industrial, male-dominated world of the 1920s, life is nothing like she hoped it would be.

Restless and unfulfilled in a passionless marriage and unwanted motherhood, she finds her only joy in the form of an illicit love affair. But when reality sets in and she must return to her routine existence, she'll go to any lengths to regain her freedom. A groundbreaking work in the landscape of American theatre, Machinal is a riveting look at the danger that can come from a life unlived.

Sounds good don't you think? I know I want to see it. Do you? Well if you do you have come to the right place. We sell tickets for the show. So why not give us a call? You'll be glad you did. Get your tickets to see Machinal on Broadway at the American Airlines Theatre. Who knows? You might even like it.

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