Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Broadway Bound The SpongeBob Musical To Open In Chicago Next Summer

Really? A Broadway musical based on a beloved cartoon? That's never happened. Just kidding of course. It was just announced today, that everyone's favorite sea sponge is making his Broadway debut next year, following a limited engagement at Chicago's Oriental Theatre.

The SpongeBob Musical will begin performances on June 7, 2016 and run thru July 3. Now to be honest I have never seen the show. Although I do have plenty of nieces and nephews as well as my little brother who loves the show.

How it will transfer to the stage is anyone's guess. Of course people thought the same thing about Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and we all know how that turned out now don't we? It was also announced today that the show will feature music from some of the music scene's biggest and brightest stars. They are Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Cyndi Lauper, They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, Dirty Projectors, The Flaming Lips, John Legend, Lady Antebellum, Panic!, At The Disco, Plain White T's, and T.I., and David Bowie.

Some lineup wouldn't you say? Kind of makes me want to see it. Or at least buy the Cast Recording when it's released. By the way for those of you who will be in Chicago next Summer and want to see the show you have come to the right place. We sell it. In fact we will also be selling tickets for the Broadway production as well. When it goes on sale of course. Make sure to check back here for future updates. Until next time theatre fans.

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