Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Supergirl To Make Her Broadway Debut

Beautiful: The Carole King MusicalWhat's that you say? There's a superhero out there that can sing? Now technically it's the actress who plays Supergirl, not the real one of course. You mean you didn't know that Supergirl was a real person? Well she is, in the superhero universe of course. Melissa Benoist, star of  the CW's Supergirl, will make her Broadway debut as Carole King in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

Now for those of you that think this sounds like a case of "Stunt Casting" in order to boost sales, you would probably be right. However this one has a catch. She can actually sing, In fact, she got her start on Glee as transfer student Mandy Rose, in addition to singing in a special episode of The Flash last year.

Trust me theatre fans. She has the chops to pull it off. Ms. Benoist is scheduled to begin performances on June 7, and will play thru August 4. Get your tickets to see Melissa Benoist as Carole King in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Until next time theatre fans.

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