Thursday, June 27, 2019

Broadway 4th of July Schedule

What's that? It's already the 4th of July? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day. Time sure does fly in the Big Apple. Now unlike years past, there are only two shows scheduled to play that day. Ink at 7pm, and My Fair Lady at 2pm. Because of that, there are more shows performing on Monday July 1. Now on to the rest of the schedule. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Show TitleMon. July 1Tue. July 2Wed. July 3Thu. July 4Fri. July 5Sat. July 6Sun. July 7
Ain't Too ProudDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7:30pm
AladdinDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm1pm, 6:30pm
Be More Chill7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
BeautifulDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
BeetlejuiceDARK7pm2pm, 8pm2pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Book of Mormon7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7pm
Burn This7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Cher Show7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Chicago8pm8pm8pm8pm8pm2:30pm, 8pm3pm, 7:30pm
Come From Away7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Criss Angel RawDARK8pm3pm, 8pmDARK8pm3pm, 8pm3pm, 7pm
Dear Evan Hansen7pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Ferryman7pm7pm1pm, 7:30pm7pm7pm1pm, 7:30pm3pm
Frankie and Johnny...8pm7pm2pm, 8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
FrozenDARK7pm1pm, 7pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
HadestownDARK7pm2pm, 7:30pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
HamiltonDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Harry Potter...DARKDARK2pm, 7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm2pm, 7:30pm
InkDARK7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
King KongDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Lion KingDARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Mean Girls7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7:30pm
Moulin Rouge!DARK8pm8pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm7pm
My Fair LadyDARK7pm2pm, 8pm2pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Oklahoma!DARK7pm2pm, 8pm7pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
The Phantom of the Opera8pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Pretty Woman7pm7pm7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 7:30pm
The Prom8pm7pm2pm, 8pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
To Kill a Mockingbird7pm7pm1pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Tootsie7:30pm7:30pm2pm, 7:30pmDARK8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
Waitress7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm
What the Constitution Means to MeDARK7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm2pm, 8pm3pm, 7pm
Wicked7pm7pm2pm, 7pm7pm8pm2pm, 8pm3pm

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