Friday, May 22, 2020

A Day In The Life Of A Ticket Seller

Seventy-two days. That's how long it's been since Broadway and theatre in New York City has been shut down. Sixty-six days. That's also how long it's been since I was in my office. The truth is, none of us have any idea when things will be back to normal. Look, I want theatre to come back just as much as anyone. Just like I want to be able to ride the subway again, or eat at a fancy restaurant, or have a cold beer or two with my friends. Be normal. What we are going through right now won't last forever. It just seems like it some days.

Ever since this happened, live theatre has been replaced by prerecorded shows and concerts, and Zoom get together's featuring our favorite performers and artists. Now as much as I enjoy seeing what Stephen Sondheim, or Audra McDonald's living room looks like, I would much prefer to be looking at a fake set of someone's home in a theatre. And even if that doesn't happen next week, or six months from now, it will happen again. And we will all celebrate like never before. Stay safe everyone, and don't forget to look out for each other. Until next time theatre fans.

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